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But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Whaler On eBay As the screen fades to black, the Walrider can be heard emerging and attacking the soldiers as they shoot and scream in agony. Outlast: Whistleblower. The Walrider first appears in the Hospital after Waylon is freed from his restraints, murdering two patients on either side of his glass cell. Upon escaping, Waylon walks down the plastic tarp hallways of the hospital, the Walrider appears and chases him into a room where several patients are stabbing a doctor's corpse on an operating table

They killed Miles body, but his consciousness remained in the Walrider, so He was able to control the Walrider. So Miles haven't died. After this, Miles as Walrider killed all the soldiers and probably Rudolf Wernicke, because He didn't care about him like Billy, when He controled the Walrider. Then He flew in administration block, killed Jeremy Blaire and helped Waylon Park go away. The Walrider somehow learned how to exist without host's body What happened to the Walrider? nsfw. After it possess the ant colony and destroys the radio tower, causing that flash (the bright light that Blake sees at the end of outlast 2), what happened to the ants? And if the ants were killed by this, then where is the Walrider now? 1 comment. share. save. hide. report . 84% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes. In Outlast: Whistleblower, the Walrider makes several appearances. In the Hospital, it will attack Waylon on sight in some areas. However, throughout most of the DLC, it is simply there for a visual effect and will not harm him. At the end of the DLC, the Walrider, now under Miles Upshur's control, kill The Walrider, now without a host, attacks Miles and fuses itself into his body. A severely wounded Miles limped toward the lab's exit, only to be greeted with Rudolf Wernicke and several Murkoff tactical officers who gun him down. As Wernicke realizes that Miles has become the new host, the Walrider emerges and slaughters the troops as they scream in agony Wernicke instructs Miles on how to stop The Walrider: by killing its host, William Billy Hope, by disabling his life support system. After Miles terminates Billy's life support and seemingly kills him, The Walrider, now without a host, attacks Miles and fuses itself into his body. Severely wounded, Miles limps towards the exit, only to find Dr. Wernicke and several soldiers waiting for him. The soldiers shoot him, but as he falls to the ground, Wernicke realizes Miles has become The.

Unknowingly having put himself in the path of the charging Walrider, he is grabbed and spiraled away from Miles, slamming into a wall. As the Walrider relentlessly beats him against the walls, he growls in rage and agony before being beaten so badly that he can do nothing more than meekly choke. Miles films as the Walrider throws Walker around the hallway like a ragdoll before forcing his entire body through a nearby air grate and shredding him into pieces, leaving behind a large pool of blood Walrider is initially spawned when a horror induced patient successfully undergoes dream therapy by the morphogenic engine. This initial patient is in control of the Walrider (as seen in Outlast 1) Walrider will continue to need new host bodies when the old body is killed/destroyed. When Billy Hope is physically murdered, he instead takes over Miles's body to escape. (as seen in Outlast 1 and whistleblower This warps him to see almost everything related to his belief, such as viewing Miles crashing next to him as the Walrider sending him an apostle. His devotion is both suicidal and murderous, leading him to crucify and burn himself alive for the sake of the Walrider, and murder a man just to use his blood to finger paint Down the drain on a wall. This indicates he is more dangerous than he lets on, though one of his followers could have killed the man for Martin

After playing Outlast Whistleblower, this is what I think happened. Miles possession by the Walrider had multiple effects. Because the Walrider needs Miles to survive, it does everything in it's power to protect him. When Miles is shot up by Murkinoff PMCs the Walrider kills them all and uses it's power to heal Miles, saving his life when i heard about whistleblower, people were saying stuff like ohh the ending finally made sense to me etc etc. i thought this dlc would explain the storyline more, and it would finally have a good ending.. but the dlc ending was even worse than the base game's ending O.o so what happened to the protagonist of the base game? what happened to the asylum and the antagonists? what happened to the walrider? this game is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ i know that miles was shot down and revived by the walrider but what happend after he takes down murkoff with the walrider? cause in the dlc you see Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 3. What happend to Miles Upshur after he killed murkoff controlling the walrider ? Question. spoiler. Close. 3.

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  1. when i heard about whistleblower, people were saying stuff like ohh the ending finally made sense to me etc etc. i thought this dlc would explain the storyline more, and it would finally have a good ending.. but the dlc ending was even worse than the base game's ending O.o so what happened to the protagonist of the base game? what happened to the asylum and the antagonists? what happened to.
  2. Eventually, the Walrider took control of Miles after killing him and began using him as its new host. This is where Outlast ends. Outlast: Whistleblower: Plot summary and story explaine
  3. After Miles shuts down his life-support pod, the Walrider, now without a host, attacks Miles and fuses itself inside of his body, taking him as Its new host. As Miles limps towards the exit, the..
  4. History Of The Walrider Outlast (Re-upload) - YouTube. History Of The Walrider Outlast (Re-upload) Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly.
  5. The Walrider is without a doubt the most dangerous thing to come out of the Mount Massive mental asylum in the game, Outlast. Created via the experiments per... Created via the experiments per..

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Outlast 2 Story & Ending explained with full synopsis. This explains the events of Outlast 2 with theories what happened to Blake The Walrider is the final main antagonist in Outlast and minor antagonist in Outlast: Whistleblower. The Walrider is appears in hospital level when Waylon was being taken to the experiment room. The Walrider killed a variant next to Waylon. And killed another, after Waylon leaves the room. He meets with the Walrider in hallways and attacks Waylon. Walrider will attack Waylon sometimes. But. He takes care of me. He may think I'm his father. He certainly loves me, the poor idiot. I think that's why Warider doesn't kill Wernicke Mods were used i.. The Walrider also known as The Swarm is the main antagonist and the final enemy encountered in Outlast and the DLC Outlast: Whistleblower. It is behind the madness that seems to infect most of the asylum's inhabitants and is the deity of Father Martin's religion and his followers. It is first encountered at the start of the Sewer level, after escaping from the prison. The Walrider is also. He also seems to display at least a limited awareness of what's happening at the asylum, and is implied to be trying to contain the Walrider. The document Project Walrider Patient Status Report.

Outlast: Whistleblower. In an overlapping DLC prequel of the game, following the Whistleblower, the moral Murkoff engineer Waylon Park dedicated to getting his villainous company shut down, Miles is revealed to have survived his wounds. Due to the fact that he was possessed by the god-like Walrider, the soldiers' gunfire did nothing to him, and he easily killed both the squad and Wernicke. Outlast. The Walrider is seen multiple times throughout the game, its presence can be seen in the Courtyard scouring the air, as well as one encounter behind the locked gate. Project Walrider was the process of exposing patients to Morphogenic Engine Therapy to create a suitable vessel for the nanite swarm, for only a person that has seen enough horror can become the host. The aim was to. The word Walrider is all over this place. Murkoff was running an experiment here called PROJECT WALRIDER, but the patients talk about the Walrider like it's a physical presence. A spirit or demon. Something they found in the mountain. I'd chalk it up to schizophrenic delusion, but I just saw something. Maybe. Maybe it was a glitch in the camera. Or maybe this place is getting to me What happened to the Walrider? Unclear, but we know for sure that it is not dead. There is a good chance that it possessed Dr. Wernicke after slaughtering his men, because he is the only one we can't hear screaming. Did the Walrider really need a human host in the first place? Again we don't know. It is assumed that it possessed Billy. But if it did, Billy should be the one walking around, not. Outlast ends on a bittersweet note, where Miles successfully finds out what's happening and manages to put a stop to Project Walrider, but is seemingly gunned down by security before he can get out. Whistleblower has an uncharacteristically joyous ending, where Waylon not only successfully escapes the asylum with proof of all the crazy unethical things he's seen, but it's revealed at the.

That same document says that the reason they were all relocated was that Walrider research resulted in a lot of phantom pregnancies, even among staff, with severe health effects. While it'd be cool to see a Distaff Counterpart version of Outlast they'd need to be doing some very different research if they didn't want the same thing to happen He manages to survive all that happened and leave, but is now possessed by the monster from which he was trying to protect the world. No matter what he does now, he will presumably never be able to break away from The Walrider, except through his own death. He escapes, but is as far from free as he could possibly be Animal Motifs: In The Murkoff Account, the Walrider possesses a colony of ants after being forced to evacuate from the host. In real life, ants use members of their own colony to create living structures to cross water and gaps. In Outlast, the Walrider is entirely composed of nanites which create a living structure in the form of a ghostly.

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Personally I was hoping there would be 2 endings. A good/bad ending. For the bad one you ignore father Martin, and find a way out earlier, and it has you getting shot as you leave, or some other terrible thing happening to you, and for the good one it goes the same as it does now except you get to your car unmolested with the doctor thanking you for ending it, and once at your car you notice. Father Martin Archimbaud is a major character in Outlast and a patient at Mount Massive Asylum. He is the leader of a cult within the asylum that worships The Walrider and has a number of the asylum's patients under his command as followers. Father Martin was voiced by Andreas Apergis. 1 Background 2 Characteristics 3 In Game 4 Insanity 5 Dialogue Martin is first seen after Chris Walker. Outlast has so much background knowledge to be learned about that I didn't even mention at all in my summary, and by looking into it you really get to know the characters and why they are the way they are. It's chaos, it's gross, and it looks violent, but there's reason behind it. It makes sense why there are heads on bookshelves and why there's blood dripping from the vents Hmmmmmmmm If SCP's exist in the game, then that means The SCP Foundation also exists (at least in this canon). - - - Miles Upshur, the freelance investigative. The Walrider from the original Outlast was a swarm of nanomachines capable of control through the Morphogenic Engine by extreme mental divergence. Come the game's setting, Billy Hope had successfully gained complete control over this entity, causing the events of Outlast

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The Walrider also plagued the asylum in a sense, as all the madness and insanity that was happening in the asylum was due to its mere presence, corrupting and infecting the asylum. Father. In Outlast, Billy Hope is the first host of The Walrider, and is the primary antagonist of that game outside of Chris Walker. He was a focus on the Walrider Project, which aimed to bind the Walrider nanites to a living host. He was placed in the Underground Lab, and attached to various instruments and tubes while being suspended in a chemical bath within a glass sphere. Here, he is kept in a. -The Walrider is amoral and drawn to places of human misery, discontentment, rage, etc, so basically gas stations, truckstops, hospitals, etc. They serve the Host by making him more effective so Miles no longer has body fat or can die/be killed/all his organs work at max capacity. His bones are where the nanites are made so he has to eat a metric fuckton to keep up in return tho. His. Brief introduction to WALRIDER mythology for M.R.D. Support Staff The Murkoff Corp. NOTE - this is for support/notational purposes only, engage in NO direct contact with patients during or after therapy. the WALRIDER, also known as an alp, or mara, or schrat, is a demonic creature of German origin that torments sleepers. They crouch on a sleeper's chest and crush the breath from him. The.

Outlast. After the security breach, Walker roams the Asylum, killing any and all people he sees as potential hosts for the Walrider, security and patients alike. Many headless corpses are seen, mainly in the Administration Block, thanks to Walker's attempts at containment. He has a massive collection of heads and is likely the one responsible. His religion worships The Walrider, as it's the only explanation he could suffice in his current mental state. His past experiences with fingerpainting may have led him to mark the path for Miles in blood in the form of writing, arrows, smears, etc. Several collectible documents throughout the game are also written by him. Outlast

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As seen from the picture it was the Walrider like nanites that caused the massive power storm that made the game end in Outlast II. The light and everything we see is part and parcel of it. Also, it could have been half imagined by Blake. By the end of the game he is so perturbed and affected by the signals that he starts seeing things. Of course, the baby was a fabrication Outlast: Whistleblower. Waylon encounters The Twins in the recreation yard from behind a gate secured with a chain, in a scene somewhat mirroring Miles' first encounter with them. They repeat some of the discussion that they had in front of Miles, and state that they would like to kill Waylon. Waylon then navigates around to that area and The Twins walk out in front of him. However, despite.

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Except, deep down, he knew that it had happened to them as well. Language: English Words: 11,752 Chapters: 4/? Comments: 41 Kudos: 66 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 579; We're Still Here, Still Alive, Still Together by WhisperingWillows Fandoms: Outlast (Video Games) Explicit; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M, M/M; Complete Work; 13 Mar 2021. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Lisa Park/Waylon Park; Waylon. Sep 5, 2020 - Explore Captain Goldeye The Fierce's board Outlast Walrider on Pinterest. See more ideas about outlast walrider, outlast horror game, outlast game

We're still unsure of how to achieve these variations but we're sure it'll give us insight to what really happened to Jessica after you left her with Father Loutermilch at school that day. Jessica's Death. As Blake begins to lose his mind in Outlast 2, we see a few different takes on what happened to Jessica Gray. In one version of the. Fan Art of The Walrider for Fans of Outlast 3870443 He heads there with his camera to find out what is happening, but nothing can prepare him for the horror inside. There are mutilated bodies, the place is a mess, there is some kind of cult leader, a messed-up doctor and a strange thing called The Walrider that everyone is scared of. Outlast tells a very interesting story and one that keeps you on the edge the whole time. It does not quite. Jeremy Blaireis the unseen overarching antagonistin the 2013 survival horror video game Outlastand the main antagonist of the DLC Outlast: Whistleblower. He is aMurkoff Corporationexecutive who worked on the Walrider project inMount Massive Asylum. He was voiced by Matt Holland. 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.2 Outlast: Whistleblower 1.2.1 Death 2 Personality 3 Gallery 3.1 Images 3.2 Videos 4. After going through the decontamination chamber and escaping the Walrider ghost, go up the stairs and you will see the final Outlast Document on the desk in front of you. Note #31 - Death of Hope After the cutscene where the Walrider Ghosts attacks you, film the bloody life pod where Billy was previously being held to get the final Outlast Note

Through my heart (Outlast)- Miles Upshur x reader. Fanfiction (Y/N) have a dream, she want to became a investigative reporter but to get the job she have to go to the Mount Massive Asylum to find the missing reporter: Miles Upshur. What its gonna happen when she finds him? #faction #fan #horror #insert #miles #reader #upshur. Hate on you. 1.5K 25 1. by Destino30gamer. by Destino30gamer Follow. Outlast: Whistleblower redirects here. If you were looking for the Outlast: Whistleblower playthrough on their livestreams, see Outlast: Whistleblower (Livestream). Outlast: Whistleblower is a first-person survival horror game by Red Barrels. It follows the story of Waylon Park, an ex-Murkoff employee attempting to escape the asylum and expose its secrets to the world. The game acts as both a. Follow/Fav Outlast: Revelation. By: D.G. Prime. Miles' brother, Nicholas Uphsur, is one of the militants sent to the asylum by Wernicke. As the Walrider slaughters them, Nicholas hides and survives to tell the tale. With his younger brother's camera and notes in his disposal, he learns the truth about Mount Massive and Project Walrider. Rated: Fiction M - English - Horror/Suspense - Miles U.

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Jul 25, 2020 - Explore Abhilasha Sharma's board Outlast walrider on Pinterest. See more ideas about outlast walrider, outlast horror game, outlast game The Walrider, also known as The Swarm, is the main antagonist and the final enemy encountered in Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower. It is the source of the madness that seems to infect most of the asylum's inhabitants and the deity of Father Martin's religion and his followers. Tier: At least 9-B Name: The Walrider, Alp, The Swarm, The Gospel of Sand, God, Nano-Swarm, Nano-Cloud Origin. Outlast Game. eddie gluskin. Saved by Nat the gamer. Outlast Game Outlast Horror Game Outlast 2 Good Horror Games Horror Video Games Horror Movies Leslie Withers Cartoon Junkie Waylon Park. More information... People also love these ideas.

It's what's happening. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary. Outlast Game. Outlast 1. Outlast Horror Game . Video Game Anime Video Games. Cartoon Junkie. Waylon Park Scary Games Fear Of The Dark. The Chase is On! by NinjaSniperKitty on DeviantArt. It's suddenly a lot easier to run on a wounded leg when somebody's. Il Walrider è il principale antagonista di Outlast e il risultato dell'omonimo progetto. È stato responsabile del disastro al Mount Massive Asylum, avendo ucciso ogni scienziato o uomo all'interno della struttura e causato la nascita dei Mutati. Vita Outlast. La prima volta, Miles Upshur lo incontra nelle fogne, dove a seguito di qualche apparizione si appresta a trovare e uccidere i. Outlast x reader~ Reporter? LaughingAce. Oof, it's been a while. Apologies~----You looked up at your giant teddy bear. He seemed to stop a few steps in front of you,little bunny. You smiled in glee and hugged him, hesitating he hugged back. You looked around, he was the one that did all this. That much you could tell. You glanced back up at Chris he was staring at the gauze warped around. The events of Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, and Outlast 2 happened all because of the Murkoff Corporation. And while my prediction of The Outlast Trials includes a pre-Murkoff Dr. Wernicke, you have to remember that The Outlast Trials is supposed to be a smaller game too small to be considered Outlast 3, so it's acceptable for it not to be connected to Murkoff. But given the connection. Outlast Montage is a montage video highlighting some of the moments from the girls's Outlast playthrough. As such, it uses footage from that series. This video was uploaded on July 21st, 2014 and was the 117th video uploaded onto the channel. This montage video was the first to have the girls introduce the video, with Renae and Andrea being the hosts. 1 Clips Used 1.1 Part One 1.2 Part Two 1.3.

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can someone explain the ending of the dlc to me

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